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Beautiful result, very professional. Came in just under budget. Would recommend him in a heartbeat!

Mel Miller - 10/26/2017

Description: Decks & Porches, Remodeling - General

Russ was an awesome general contractor to work with.We had asked a few other companies for quotes on the same kind of work, and none of them could compare. Local business man, so he knows the ins and outs of what needs to happen. Kind man, and very easy to get along with. Highly recommended.

Diana Jim - 09/10/2013

Description: Replace bedroom and kitchen windows, and drywall around the frame.

Working with Russ was a great experience. He was very easy to work with and did a great job addressing any concerns I had when they popped up. I did have a few changes I wanted to make on the fly and he had no problem regardless if they were making the project more expensive or less. He is also a friendly guy and easy to work with as I actually did all the painting of the project myself to make it a bit more affordable - so I worked all day with him for a week plus. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Russ again or recommend him to anyone. As far as price goes, I got quotes from 3 respected and highly rated contractors, and Russ was also the best value. I wish I had something to criticize, but I just don't.

Steve Sasman - 05/25/2013

Description: Brand new custom deck with Trex decking and custom railings. New paver driveway with heated snowmelt system. Russ did everything on the deck (minus the painting) with his crew and subbed out most of the driveway project, but handled it all.

We found Russ to be very pleasant and he was very knowledgeable about local codes and how they would apply to our project. We gave him a general idea as to what we wanted and he designed our new deck accordingly. His choice of materials and workmanship, right down to the little details was excellent and resulted in a beautiful deck that we are very proud of. I highly recommend R and J Construction to anyone looking for a quality contractor and a quality product at a reasonable price.

Michael Barlow - 11/29/2012

Description: Our cabin had a 5 foot wide side deck that ran about half way down the side. It had deteriorated over the years to where it needed to be replaced. We always wanted to extend the side deck to the rear of the cabin and build a new deck across the back. I was in the process of rebuilding the side deck when we called Russ. It was decided that he would rebuild the existing deck and extend it to a 10 by 29 foot deck at the rear. Our lot slopes to the rear so he would have to work high off the ground.

Russ is amazing. He guided us through the planning stage (including coming up with a better layout for our kitchen), did much of the work himself, and managed the sub-contractors. He stuck to his estimate and timeline, communicated well, and did an amazing job. Russ is a true craftsman and cares about his work. We couldn't be happier. We've used Russ on several large jobs and wouldn't hesitate to use him again.

Robert McCarter - 09/05/2012

Description: Full kitchen remodel: cabinets, counters, better layout, and sink. Everything but the floor and the ceiling.

There was a fire at my mom's house in Phoenix. R & J Construction was so helpful with all details from doing a job from long distance.

Miriam Brunhaver - 07/25/2012

Description: Remodel garage, kitchen, living room from fire.

All phases were completed in a timely manner. Everyday the contractor said he would be here he was. There were no surprises. We were pleasantly surprised with how quick the job was finished. The job was handled professionally from start to finish. I would recommend this company to anyone who's looking for someone to do a great job. GREAT JOB Russ, thank you.

Lori Johnson - 07/09/2012

Description: R & J Contruction built a 54 X 13 foot patio with 5 block pilars.

Russ was knowledgeable, prompt, and cleaned up well. It was very reasonable price for what he all did. He did a super job. I have no negatives to report..

Ron Kruse - 06/27/2012

Description:R & J Construction extended the laundry wall into garage, extended office wall into garage, built new attic access, framed dry wall, taped, textured, and built a large pantry.

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